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New Videos Sundays and Wednesdays

As a deacon and seminarian looking forward to ordination — and trying to grow a little group into something more — I think it’s important to get in the habit of writing a Sunday sermon/homily.

As a martial artists trying to promote my nonprofit Cabal Fang group as well as my Frontier martial arts program, I think videos are a great way to do that.  So I’m setting a goal to publish two videos a week — a video with a religious theme on Sundays and a martial arts video on Wednesdays.

It’s a lot of work, but if you want to achieve the incredible you must attempt the impossible!  Here’s this week’s video for Sunday…

New Calisthenics Video is Up

How do you put a million random workouts in the palm of your hand?  You buy these little beauties from PTDICE.com.

PTDICE(c) Set #1: Calisthenics

If you are a regular follower of this blog you probably already know that I designed and marketed PTDICE (c) a couple of weeks ago.  If you want a tool that allows you to create a random calisthenics workout with a roll of the dice, go get yourself a set.

And, for a quick rundown of the calisthenics featured on the dice and how to do those exercises, view the video below.

Van Damme’s Still Got It

I’m actually speechless.  Just…wow.  Fifty-three years old and still amazing.

What Cabal Fang Looks Like

“What exactly do you guys do out there at the park?” is a question I get asked a fair amount when I tell folks about the martial arts club.

So I shot a video.  This is us throwing an intro session for a few people trying out Cabal Fang for the first time.