Hey Disinfo, I Said that Four Months Ago

Graphic from Disinfo.com. By the way, you guys rock. Click the pic to go there and read the article.

I just read Disinfo’s article “What do Occupy and the Tea Party have in common?” and threw up my hands.  Why?  Cause I said this four months ago in this article entitled “Camo – Guns = Tie Dye.”  Well, not exactly.  Think of my article as the prequel.

But I thought all of things that Disinfo said, I just didn’t write it because at the time I wanted to write a humorous article.  I’ve been saying all of this to friends  (and anybody else who’ll listen) since Occupy started.

So if Occupy and the Tea Party — the most influential movements of the Left and Right — agree on these six points, why can’t we get these six things done?  Because they all run afoul of Big Money Politics.    There’s no way anything is getting done that crosses the Fortune 500.

Politicians who depend on corporate money to fund campaigns will not bite the hands that feed them.  Simple, sad, and true.

Hike 1 hour w/ #25 pack @cabal_fang #WOD

Hike 1 hour w/ #25 pack @cabal_fang #WOD

The Archeology of Post-CGI America

The Great Sphinx of Tanis (courtesy of Wikipedia)

How many times have you heard, or even said yourself, “A thousand years from now, archeologists will find remains of “_______” (insert humorous or peculiar modern day object here) and wonder what we were thinking about…”

When I read that archeologists had uncovered a 15-foot tall sphinx from the 1923 version of “The Ten Commandments,” I experienced a very surreal moment and a profound realization.  For almost 100 years an artifact of the Pre-CGI era languished beneath the sand.  Now a documentary film-maker is shooting the tentatively titled, “Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille.”  We we have been making movies long enough that movie sets have become lost cities, and props have become artifacts.

During the Pre-CGI era, we made new versions of Tanis, Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu.  Like their ancient counterparts, places like DeMille’s lost city were religious centers.  But rather than paying homage to gods of fertility, death, or rebirth, these places were for the worship of art, entertainment, and profit.  The ancient monuments were made of sandstone and granite.  DeMille’s were cast in plaster.

In the current era we construct virtual worlds, the Avatars and Transformers of the modern psyche, out of electrons.  Humanity’s creation is a sine wave, a vibratory signal that repeats and repeats and repeats.  Each iteration, at least in the material plane, becomes weaker and weaker and weaker.  In our imagination the virtual signal is getting stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper, the virtual world more and more complex and “real.”

On the material plane, where only actual artifacts can be dug up, pickings will be slim for archeologists of the future.  The only traces of the Post-CGI era that will endure to be teased out of the sand will be mouldering server banks and the bones of extinct animals.

“Religious persecution is not the speci

“Religious persecution is not the special failing of any particular faith, but springs eternal in the human breast.” #DionFortune #quotes

Wiki Builders, Feel My Pain (a.k.a. “My Wiki Hell”)

wiki_hellOver the past couple of years I’ve managed to create a pretty extensive wiki.  Last month my hosts over at Wikispaces decided they only want educational wikis.  Although I think my wiki is pretty educational, what they mean by “educational” is wikis for students and teachers and stuff.

Basically they told me to scram.  Beat it.  Get lost.

So I started looking at other free hosting options.  There were lots.  But what I found out — to my shock, horror, disgust, and complete, unadulterated FURY — was that the format used by Wikispaces is not compatible with, and therefore cannot be imported into, any other free wiki platform on the market.  Which means I have to manually copy and paste all of the pages, insert new links, etc. etc. and so forth.

“You have got to be f***ing kidding me,” I said, followed by a swirling vortex of extreme swearing so severe and intense that it resulted in the formation of a wormhole.  I know that I entered a wormhole because I said every curse word I know, have known, or ever will know in every possible universe.

Mind-numbing crap-slog now in progress.

AMRAYC in 8 mins of: 8 Dumbbell Presses

AMRAYC in 8 mins of: 8 Dumbbell Presses (20# ea. hand) and 8 Burpees @cabal_fang #WOD

I’ll Review Your Zine

If you’d like for me to review your zine (or other independently published book, booklet, etc.) mail a promotional copy to me at:

Robert Mitchell, P.O. Box 1322, Glen Allen, VA 23060-1322

My sainted father said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”  I think that was good advice.  So I don’t write bad reviews.  If I don’t like your zine, I just won’t review it.  That way there’s no bad karma, no negativity, and no assiness.  Makes sense, right?

Here’s a slideshow featuring some of my stuff, all available at PTDICE.com

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