Wiki Builders, Feel My Pain (a.k.a. “My Wiki Hell”)

wiki_hellOver the past couple of years I’ve managed to create a pretty extensive wiki.  Last month my hosts over at Wikispaces decided they only want educational wikis.  Although I think my wiki is pretty educational, what they mean by “educational” is wikis for students and teachers and stuff.

Basically they told me to scram.  Beat it.  Get lost.

So I started looking at other free hosting options.  There were lots.  But what I found out — to my shock, horror, disgust, and complete, unadulterated FURY — was that the format used by Wikispaces is not compatible with, and therefore cannot be imported into, any other free wiki platform on the market.  Which means I have to manually copy and paste all of the pages, insert new links, etc. etc. and so forth.

“You have got to be f***ing kidding me,” I said, followed by a swirling vortex of extreme swearing so severe and intense that it resulted in the formation of a wormhole.  I know that I entered a wormhole because I said every curse word I know, have known, or ever will know in every possible universe.

Mind-numbing crap-slog now in progress.

AMRAYC in 8 mins of: 8 Dumbbell Presses

AMRAYC in 8 mins of: 8 Dumbbell Presses (20# ea. hand) and 8 Burpees @cabal_fang #WOD

I’ll Review Your Zine

If you’d like for me to review your zine (or other independently published book, booklet, etc.) mail a promotional copy to me at:

Robert Mitchell, P.O. Box 1322, Glen Allen, VA 23060-1322

My sainted father said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”  I think that was good advice.  So I don’t write bad reviews.  If I don’t like your zine, I just won’t review it.  That way there’s no bad karma, no negativity, and no assiness.  Makes sense, right?

Here’s a slideshow featuring some of my stuff, all available at

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D. H. Lawrence Quote

wpid-IMG_20140227_130837.jpg“‘Knowledge’ has killed the sun, making it a ball of gas, with spots; ‘knowledge’ has killed the moon, it is a dead little earth pitted with extinct craters as with smallpox; the machine has killed the earth for us, making it a surface, more or less bumpy, that you travel over.”

~ D. H. Lawrence, from “A Propos of Lady Chatterley’s Lover”

Apparently this quote is famous or infamous, depending on whom you ask.  I guess it’s been used by Luddites and anti-science people to rail against scientific advances, which isn’t my point at all. And I don’t think that was Lawrence’s point either.

I think we should by all means continue to make scientific advancements — I just think that we shouldn’t allow those scientific advances to cloud our view of a universe that is beautiful, amazing, and awe-inspiring.  We should never allow anything to cover our eyes.  No advance should obstruct our wondrous inner vision.  As William Irwin Thompson said, “we have separated humanity from nature, subject from object, values from analysis, knowledge from myth, and universities from the universe.”¹

Perhaps Lawrence should’ve added these simple words at the beginning of his statement: “We have allowed…”  Because that’s what we’ve done.  We have allowed knowledge to kill the sun, the moon, and the earth, or at least nearly so.

And I don’t think we’re going to be able to bring them back from the brink without uncovering our eyes.


¹ This is from The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light, one of my favorite books.  Highly recommended.

Full Pyramid to 8 of: Burpees, Pushups,

Full Pyramid to 8 of: Burpees, Pushups, Bicycles, Dumbbell Squat/Press
@cabal_fang #WOD

I now have an #Amazon author profile.

I now have an #Amazon author profile. Now all I need are some sales. Can I get a little help with that? …

Moroccan Majadra with Beef Recipe


My “Moroccan Majadra.”

It’s been awhile since I posted one of my 4-ingredients-or-less recipes, so here’s one for you — an aromatic little beauty for people who (like me) get sick and tired of the same old flavors.

If you are eating on the CUT! program, this one is okay for Stages 1 and 2 (Okay at Stage 3 if you remove the rice).

Moroccan Majadra with Beef

1 lb ground beef chuck, cooked in crumbles and drained

1/2 cup lentils (dry volume)

1/4 cup brown rice (dry volume)

1 1/4 cup green peas (cooked volume)

“Moroccan Cobra” spice mix (1/2 teaspoon or more, to taste)

Salt to taste

Cook lentils, brown rice, and peas per package directions.  Drain any remaining water.  Brown burger until cooked thoroughly and drain fat.  Combine everything, while still hot, in a large skillet over low heat.  Sprinkle on Moroccan spice mix and salt, stir, mix, and generally shuffle it around until it’s piping hot.  Serve it in a bowl garnished with a sprig of mint (if desired).  Makes 5 servings.  Nutrition facts: Calories (281), Protein (25), Fat (11), Carbs (20), Fiber (6).

“Moroccan Cobra” spice mix

To make my “Moroccan Cobra” spice mix, combine equal parts of the following ground spices:  cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.