Standing Desk Experiment


I read another article about the health risks of sitting too much, so I’m going to try this arrangement when writing. Wine crates really come in handy. I’d love to hear from other writers who’ve tried this…

6 responses to “Standing Desk Experiment

  1. I seem to be standing a lot this tall counter with laptop – and like it. I’m usually doing a couple of things at once – and it’s easier to just transition between without having to get up and down out of a chair…but I do not know how those people who use computers while on a treadmill do that.

  2. One of the agents at my office stands on a wobble board and had a special counter elevated for him to work. Its awesome and he gets core exercise at the same time. Pretty cool.

  3. How does a person type while standing on a wobble board, or while treading a mill? Seems like it would take a crap-ton of practice.

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