Adding a Rain Barrel and a Composter

My rain barrelI promised I was going to do this, and I finally did (my tax refund at work).  For less than $100 I have done some things that are good for the environment and will also pay for themselves, probably in the first year.  City water costs money, and so does bagged dirt from Southern States.

I got my rain barrel from a guy named Gene over in Lakeside for $60.  It took 10 minutes to install.

I made my composter with a trash can I got at Pleasants Hardware for $18.  Here’s a series of photos illustrating the process.

Drill it full of holes (I used 3/8")Make a level base that allows air flowTa-daa - a trash can composter.

Add plenty of leaves with your food scraps, and keep the contents moist, like a kitchen sponge after squeezing it dry.  Do not add meat or cheese, because small compost piles don’t develop enough heat to break down that kind of stuff.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE 1/6/13: The rain barrels are awesome, but the composter stinks.  I’ll blog about it soon and the link will be here.

3 responses to “Adding a Rain Barrel and a Composter

  1. Very cool! I’ve been wanting to do this too!!!!

    • Thanks Tiffy! All of the smart Doomsday Preppers have a rain catch system for when the grid goes down, LOL. And you can water your plants too!

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