More Climate Drama

I had planned to take my teenager and attend the Forward on Climate Rally yesterday, but on Friday when I saw that the weather forecast at that time was for rain and snow, I decided to scrap them.  It turned out to be sunny, and by noon yesterday I was kicking myself for not joining in.

Since I was home I watched UP with Chris Hayes.  Members of the panel said they thought that Americans are starting to wake up and realize that they are being lied to — by the happy fracking ads, the gulf-is-all-clean-now propaganda, and the Koch-funded KXL-is-good-for-America hogwash.  I disagree.

I think that the people who really care about the environment are just getting more and more frustrated and pissed off.  While it is true that politicians in Washington are starting to mention climate change, and as Chris pointed out, fifty years from now nobody is going to care how big the deficit is, I think most people are still bored by the climate change discussion.

Mindy McCready, the Pope, Oscar Pistorius, and the Russian metor are topping the news charts, not climate.

I guess the destruction of the planet isn’t the kind of drama that most people can really sink their teeth into.

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