The Amazon Gambit

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My fiction novels are now available for your Kindle

[In Part 1, The Amazon Withdrawal, our intrepid hero pulled all his eBooks from Amazon because he blamed the massive retailer for the demise of the corner bookstore.  In Part 2, The Amazon Stupidity, the  struggling writer realized that none of his objections were going to change where readers go to get their word fix.  Part 3, The Amazon Gambit, opens with the writer offering all of his fiction books on Amazon, the most popular eBook marketplace on planet Earth.]

Well gang, didn’t want to, but I pretty much had to.  Amazon, like the river from which it takes its name, is the biggest tributary on Earth, and the current there is strong.  Sales of my non-fiction are getting better every day, but the fiction novels are stalled.  Time to do something smart — namely go where the readers are.

Crow eaten.  Foot removed from mouth and thumb from ass.

Get my fiction eBooks on your Kindle at Amazon

Or, if you prefer:

Get my fiction eBooks for your Nook from Barnes & Noble

Get them in multiple formats from Smashwords


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