Dumbbells, Hop/Spin/Jump Kicks


DUMBBELLS  (4 sets of 13 reps: Bench Presses, Lunges, Shrugs, Lunge/Press, Ripcords); Hop/Spin/Jump Kicks (150)

2 responses to “Dumbbells, Hop/Spin/Jump Kicks

  1. So Robert, I love your dice. I have secretly loved & coveted them for awhile now. I know that’s weird coming from a non-Martial Artist or even weight trainer. But these are so brilliant! Introduce the randomness, free yourself from routine, consider new patterns… So I am thinking about creating some dice like yours for Oriental Dance to create combinations & sets for practice, or perhaps someday even a choreography. Once I get to that I will share with you, if you don’t mind that is. 😉

    • Robert Mitchell

      You know, what’s so cool is that you got it — the idea of it — and were able to be inspired by them. Outstanding! Whatever the endeavor, it’s great to shake things up from time to time, and dice are perfect for that. Please do share your experience. And some pictures please! By the way, my mother practiced middle eastern dance for most of her adult life, until age and health issues made it impossible. She really misses it, so I take her to the occasional performance. It’s a great way to experience another culture. Fascinating.

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