An Incredible Show


I have an eclectic taste in music. Like a little bit of everything, enjoy a nibble of this and a taste of that. My favorites are so varied that there’s no discernible pattern — Blue öyster Cult, Steve Earle, Kyuss, The Sword, Coheed & Cambria, Devo, Killing Joke, Tool, Dio, Black Sabbath. Thought it might be fun to see Manson.

Just got home and I can’t sleep.

Manson took command of the stage, slithering like a snake charmer at long last become one with his pets. Exuding raw potentiality, inky chaos, and Velociraptor pheromones, he made me feel as though he might do anything, say anything, become anything.

They could feel it too, the tattooed youngsters and burnt out Courtney Love lookalikes, the Beevis & Buttheads, the curious rednecks, and of course the Goths and the scary kids who scurried about like scarab beetles in every dark corner. By show’s end they were all in his hip pocket, me included, swaying to the sounds, gathered together at the Golgotha of his mesmerizing performance.

If you get a chance to seen him, by all
means do so.


Partially in the light, partially in shadow, the pale emperor is guaranteed to hypnotize.

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