Running vs. ?


Never cared much for running, and when I gave it up — except for the occasional 20 minute fun run or something — I didn’t feel like I lost anything in terms of overall fitness.

Now it turns out there’s evidence to support my feelings.  And I just saw another fitness writer who feels the same way except he likes kettle bell circuits whereas I prefer calisthenics.

Kettlebells are cool, but they ain’t cheap. Calisthenics are the fastest, cheapest, and safest (in my opinion) way to get fit. No equipment, no gym memberships, no extreme workouts.

Want to learn how to incorporate calisthenics into your fitness regimen? Click here for info on my forthcoming book “The Calisthenics Codex” including preorder instructions. Preorder it at half price until June 1st — only $2.50.

If you love running, by all means keep having fun. But if you just plain don’t like it, do your heart, knees, and sanity a favor: stop running and do something you enjoy!

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