Ground fighting, HIIT, Meditation #CABALFANG #WOD


Ground Fighting Conditioner #2 followed by a PTDICE HIIT (5 x :20/:10 of each Hop/clap Push-ups, Half Squats, Twisters, Split Squats. 20 seconds of each exercise with 10 second break while transitioning to next exercise, 10 minutes total).

Bonus meditation: I like Tarot cards, but you can use a photo, greeting card, postcard, etc. as long as it is of more than just a portrait. Set a timer for 10 minutes, prop up the picture, settle into you preferred posture, and stare at the image. Relax into the exercise, gradually allowing yourself to sink into the scene depicted on the card. Imagine you are present in the scene. What do you perceive? What can you learn from being in that place and time?

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