Grinding out the Ranger Workout


Okay, I just sort of threw this title together from all the miscellaneous bits I’m tossing into this post.

First, I just want to share some love for my 2000 Ford Ranger which just hit the 200,000 mile mark. There have been repairs but far less than you’d expect. Still gets 23 mpg mixed. She’s my baby.
Second, today’s workout:

Dumbbells (6 x 12 of Two-Handed Triceps Ext., Crunches, Two-Handed Military Press, and Squats). Animals (10 mins of Gorilla Walk, Alligator Walk, Shrimp, 1 min each alternating). Heavy Bag (Set timer to beep every minute and alternate Punching, Push-ups, Kicks, Squats, Combos, and rest for 10 minutes).

Third, I want to share my Grinds experiment. If you’re trying to kick snus or snuff, this nicotine free product is a delicious alternative. It’s made from coffee and chocolate rather than tobacco. It does contaoin caffeine though, which kept me from feeling drowsy, but I need something to use after dinner or I’ll be up all night. More research needed!

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