Inherent Animism

An outstanding, post from A Forest Door that started my day off with a double shot of joy, hope and fun.

2 responses to “Inherent Animism

  1. Ah! That caught your eye too! It reminded me of my neighbor the other day commenting about a particular shrub which cloaks another neighbor’s mailbox. She said, “Like that one… (gesturing to the shrub & mailbox) I love how she does that (referring to the growth pattern).” I almost asked her if she considers herself an animist, but then set that conversation aside for another day.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Indeed it did catch my eye! It was a real punch in the gut losing that old maple in my yard a couple of weeks back. Couldn’t save her, the split was down into the heartwood, and you could see the dark rot spreading up from below which is why she cracked in the first place. I put a sprig of her in my little shrine to the fallen, right next to the pictures of deceased relatives and cards from friends who’ve passed on.

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