Bitter Medicine

205In a recent post I talked about thinking inside the box — about facing, absorbing, and ultimately turning your limitations into something greater.  This can be bitter medicine at first.  But it can be a door into something greater.

I’m still working on dealing with my physical limitations.  The effects of aging are some of the bitterest meds I’ve ever tasted.  It’s going to take time.  The irony is that I’m no stranger to this approach when it comes to metaphysical matters.

Long ago I learned that in order to progress spiritually it’s necessary to face facts and absorb limitations.  I learned to admit and face my doubts, to question the beliefs of my fathers, and to explore the reality of the box.  If I had refused to dig into every dark corner that my heart, mind, soul and spirit wanted to peer into, if I had doubled down on what I’d been taught as a child was true about the God, humanity, and the cosmos, I would have missed out on so many wonderful, mind expanding adventures.

Medicine heals.  That’s why they call it medicine.  Go figure.


Continuing with the medicine theme, now for your three-part Cabal Fang WOD:

  1. Medicine Ball HIIT – 24 x :30 (6 sets) with #12 ball, minimum. Alternating Twist Passes (stand parallel to wall, twist, throw bounce and catch  — changing sides each set), Crunch Passes, Squat Presses  (press at bottom of Squat!), and rest.
  2. Kicks – As many spinning/turning kicks as you can complete in 10 minutes.  When you get dizzy, shadowbox until equilibrium returns, then start again.
  3. Bike – ride as fast as you can without coasting or taking breaks for 10 minutes.

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