The 8-8-8 Workout (and a video)

Today’s workout is the “8-8-8” and it goes as follows:

The 8-8-8 Workout

Set timer to beep every 8 minutes.  Get your equipment ready so that you can transition smoothly and quickly from each segment to the next.  Take as few 12 second breaks as you need to finish.

  • Segment #1: Place a heavy sandbag on the floor (I used a #45 which is just shy of 1/3 my body weight).  Squat down, pick up bag, stand straight and press bag overhead; hug bag and squat ass-to-grass; squat again and place bag on floor.  Stand straight and reset.  Repeat as many times as you can before the your 8 mins are up (I made 35 reps).
  • Segment #2: Double-end Ball (or shadowbox if you don’t have one) as fast you can for 8 mins.
  • Segment #3:  Run or bike as fast as you can for 8 mins.

If your heart rate isn’t pretty close to max for the majority of this workout, well you’re in better shape than yours truly.

And now for a short video of me working my forging post.  This is 4″ diameter cedar fence post anchored to floor and ceiling.  WARNING: If you decide to try this at home, please be very careful and start slow.  Don’t push your speed until you are accurate enough to avoid cracking your wrist or shattering an elbow point.  It is very easy to injure yourself when hitting unpadded hardwood!

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