Best-o-the-Web Must See Stuff (and your WOD)

First off, I’ve seen some incredible stuff on the web this week that you just gotta see too:

  • First, Jake Weidmann, Master Penman.  This video is great, and so is his TEDx talk.  Inconceivable! (and yes, I do know what that word means).
  • Katie “the Smiling Assassin” Ledecky is a mermaid, a sea sprite, a daughter of Neptune. On the third day of the finals she broke her own world record in the 1500 meters.  Then, after just a 30-minute break, she got back in the pool and qualified for the 200 meter final.  The next day she won that too.  How is this even possible?
  • Hats off to the 1,000 Italian Foo Fighter Fans who lured the band to perform in their home town by videoing a cover of “Learn to Fly.”  When we wanted the Foo Fighters to come to Richmond, we just sold imaginary tickets.  We’ve officially been one-upped.

Now for your WOD:wpid-20150806_073341.jpg

A) Dumbbells: 5 x 10 of Plank Rows (on your knees if you have to), Goblet Squats, and Curl-ups.

B) 20 each of the following kicks, with good form (220 total):

  1. Knee
  2. Snap Kick
  3. Side Kick
  4. Back Kick
  5. Crescent Kick
  6. Roundhouse Kick
  7. Hook Kick
  8. Coup de pied bas
  9. Coup d’Italien
  10. Chassé frontal high
  11. Chassé frontal low

C) Run or Bike AFAYC for 15 mins.

5 responses to “Best-o-the-Web Must See Stuff (and your WOD)

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  2. I saw that Jake Weidmann video. While I’m disappointed that the sponsor was Coors, on the other hand I’m glad that SOMEONE is sponsoring such talent and keeping the art alive.

    I’m also glad to know that you’re doing a daily workout post. This is good stuff.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks Andrew. I agree. I suggest reading about Jake’s piece “The Sojourner” on his blog (that’s the 4′ compass rose carved in mahogany). There’s so much symbolism packed into it! You could argue that he is doing advanced sigilry.

      • I think he is. Although one of the potential powers of sigilry is little explored these days. One makes a sigil, for example, “make me better at Latin”, in conjunction with working with a spirit or intelligence. Then one draws that sigil at the beginning of every Latin study session, and destroys it at the end. The working of the sigil helps get ones mind into the right frame of reference right at the start.

  3. Robert Mitchell

    Yes! Even though Jake would probably deny he’s making sigils, he does say in the video that writing on paper simultaneously writes on the mind. The only part he doesn’t explicitly say is that, when it takes on an artistic/spiritual dimension (which his clearly does), the pen writes on the soul. And that is sigilry for sure.

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