Hermetic Dice, a Fire Sale, Book Update, WOOTW etc.

This has to be one of the most absurd titles in blogging history.  Hermetic Workout Dice?  Seriously?  Yes, seriously. Sometimes absurdity is a marker that indicates you are exploring new territory.  Sometimes the fool or jester is the one speaking the truth!

The dice set pictured above will be used to help me come up with the Cabal Fang #WOOTW (Workout of the Week) in the coming year.  They’re Hermetic because they have symbols on them rather than numbers or pips.  Symbols, in the Hermetic view, are gateways to accessing and understanding universal truths. Using these dice is like reading Tarot, “throwing the bones,” or trying to understand modern art.  They’re inspirational and aspirational not literal.

What do the symbols mean?  In Cabal Fang there are 12 concentrations (external focuses) and 12 symbols (internal focuses). So I’ll be choosing one of the two concentration dice and one of the two symbol dice. I’ll also roll the focus type —  that’s the one in purple ink — to decide on Speed, Power, Accuracy, Mobility, Form or Endurance. And then, to suggest the structure of the workout or drill (volume, sets, failure, pyramid, ascend/descend, etc.) I’ll toss in the green one — a a copy of the “type” die from the PTDICE set available at ptdice.com.

Speaking of PTDICE, they’re on fire sale clearance over at PTDICE.com.  Go over there and get yourself a set for just $5.99 + shipping!

The Cabal Fang book is currently in the hands of the formatter and as of right now the release date is holding strong at 2/1/2017!

Pre-order the eBook today for just $5.99 before the price goes up to $7.99.

And now, without an further delay, I humbly present the Cabal Fang Workout of the Week.

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #37

I’ve had the creeping snots for several days now — allergies or a cold, not sure which. This is what I would’ve done yesterday if I hadn’t felt like roadkill:

Heavy Bag Striking Accuracy Drill.  If your heavy bag doesn’t have targets on it, use medical or sports tape to add some “X” marks about 3″ across — nose, solar plexus, kidneys, thighs, etc. Throw 100 combos of 5 strikes each at specific targets on your bag. Count your misses. When done, complete 1 Jump Squat per miss.

Physical Training. Complete 5 sets of Uneven Push-ups (one hand on a yoga block or other sturdy object), Wall Touches  and Zombie Squats. To find reps per set, divide your SSM (Single Set Max — how many you can do witbout stopping for 1 set) by 3.

Meditation on one of the Five Vital Graces. Choose one — Wonder, Sagacity, Frugality, Indomitability or Fraternity — and meditate on its purpose, significance, nature, value, etc.

Here’s the dice roll that inspired this workout.

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