Like the WOOTW? ( )Y ( )N ( )Other

Owls symbolize wisdom. Part of being wise is knowing that meaning resides at the intersection of change and stability, that it is the respiration between chaos and stagnation.

This past Saturday I posted Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #50.  In a couple of weeks I’ll be completing my commitment to do these for a full year without missing a single week.  Question is, should I keep going or change direction?

Do you want me to keeping posting the workout of the week?   If so, show love in the comments.  If not…

Lack of praise for the #WOOTW and/or few replies will indicate that I need to be wrapping up this dog and pony show and coming up with something fresh and new.

If you’re sick of the workout of the week, make suggestions.  What do you want — a technique of the week, a pitfall, drill, concept of the week, or what?

Let me know.  Because this stuff isn’t for me it’s for you.  I’m going to be working out and coming up with new drills, workouts, ideas and concepts whether I blog them or not.  You just gotta tell me what you want on the menu!


4 responses to “Like the WOOTW? ( )Y ( )N ( )Other

  1. James A. Williams

    Hmm . . . I find the weekly workouts to be consistently creative, enlightening, and challenging, so I’d be sad to see them go. If others are interested in drills and such, might it be possible to mix it up, sometimes offering a workout, sometimes a drill or technique?



  2. Robert Mitchell

    I’m glad you like them! Yes, I think the format is solid. But they haven’t exactly been super popular, and thus haven’t helped “get the message out” with regard to what we’re trying to do with Cabal Fang. So maybe the problem isn’t with the content but with the #hashtag, name, and/or presentation. Thoughts? Ideas?

  3. James A. Williams

    I’ll give some thought to potential alternative names . . . “WOOTW” is perhaps a bit generic and not the smoothest acronym. 🙂 Maybe something that suggestions the unique content and aspirations of Cabal Fang?

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Thanks James! Maybe the thing to do is some social media research to find out what common phrases people are using? But my son says no — he says don’t try to appeal to martial artists and fitness nuts because Cabal Fang isn’t actually a martial art — he says its actually a self-help program. He says go after people who want to get themselves together in mind/body/spirit. Food for thought!

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