Doubling Down: Training Involution #88

As I announced on Thursday, the Workout of the Week is now known as the Training Involution of the Week.  Why?  Because in Cabal Fang we don’t “work out” — we train.  We prepare.  We forge.  And above all, we are involved.

In honor of this way of thinking, today we are doubling down.

Cabal Fang Training Involution #88: Doubling Down

  • Pick a lackluster training session and double it.  Flip through your training journal if you have to and find one that disappointed you.  Let’s say you tried Self Destruct Sequence and you couldn’t quite finish.  Go do it twice.  Maybe you tried to run your first 5K and you had to walk half of it.  Well, go finish a 10K.
  • The goal of this exercise is to remind yourself that you are capable of at least twice as much as you think.  This is about mettlecraftendurance and form — not speed, power, accuracy or mobility — so take as many short breaks (a slow 12-count or 7 fast breaths) as you need.  Just finish.
  • Get your head right.  Re-read Chapter 30: Mettlecraft in the Cabal Fang Study Guide before you begin.  Don’t own a copy?  Order it here and read it later.
  • Start with the premise that this is going to be fun.  Don’t push yourself, just turn on your adventure circuits and start exploring your limits.  Don’t try to cram ten pounds of shit into a 5 pound sack.   Create a vacuum and flow into it like water.
  • When the fun starts to fade, find your joy.  Recite the Emerald Tablet, your favorite piece of scripture or poem, sing a song, give thanks to a higher power for your health, your strength, for the scenery, etc. etc.  When your head starts to crack only spirit can stitch it up.
  • When you start to get gassed modify your exercises.  When Push-ups start killing, begin doing them on knees.  If it’s a run and your knees start complaining, slow to a jog or take short walking breaks.  Don’t quit — adapt!
  • Maintain focus on form and breath.  Most injuries occur when form falters, either out of lack of focus (mental failure) or out of exhaustion (physical failure).  Breathe as deeply and fully as you can, through your nose if possible, and try to perceive the oxygen flowing into your bloodstream with full awareness.  The more tired you get, the more you need to focus on form and breathing.
  • Listen to your body as you search for your limits.  By all means quit if you’re injured.  But, that said, you’ll never live up to your full potential if you can’t tell the difference between discomfort, pain and injury pain — between mental failure and a physical failure.  This involution is an adventure.  Go find the line.

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