katapeuk papasow
nehapi metoci shacahocan
sissip apiw numeskotut
aminekarak nummabukkamut

This poem is in Virginia Algonquian a.k.a. Powhatan.  Here it is in English:


Spring, it is sunrise
I sit like a stone
A bird sits on my leg
Seeds in my head

“Hey Mitch, what’s this poetry thing all about?” I want to collaborate with Blue Öyster Cult and I’m hoping the Öyster Boys will think this would make a good lyric.

Did you know I wrote a paranormal/mystery/romance book inspired by Blue Öyster Cult’s lyrical themes?  Click here to download it here for free!

The cover to my book “Chatters on the Tide” inspired by the music of Blue Öyster Cult

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