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Camo – Guns = Tie Dye

What’s the difference between a prepper and a hippie? Guns. Take the guns away from the average prepper and what you have is a hippie. And I think I can prove it.

The Top Ten Things Preppers and Hippies Have in Common

  1. The end of the world.  Preppers think it’s going to be solar flares, the collapse of the dollar, terrorism, nuclear war, contagion, etc. Hippies think it’s going to climate change, pollution, or species collapse. Sometimes they even agree — remember the whole 2012 thing?
  2. Pot.  Apparently both groups like their weed and they want it legalized.
  3. “The man” can’t be trusted.  They both have anti-authoritarian views and dislike and/or distrust the government.
  4. Favorite magazine: The Mother Earth News.  Whether to call it “back to the land” or “living off the grid” it’s all the same darn thing. Both groups practice alternative lifestyles based on self sufficiency and/or sustainability.
  5. DIY and getting things done on the cheap. The ultimate way to sneer at a hippie was once to say he or she got a college degree in Basket Weaving. Now look — the preppers are weaving baskets, making pottery, reducing, reusing, and recycling like mad.
  6. Hardcore spirituality. With the preppers it’s usually Jesus, evangelical-style. With the hippies it can be Jesus too, but then again it might Gaia, Buddha, the Goddess, Brahma…
  7. Footwear.  Whether its boots or Birkenstocks, hippies and preppers have very intense feelings about what should be worn on the human foot.
  8. Language.  They both have their own special words and catch phrases. Preppers have TEOTWAWKI , WTSHTF, and YOYO. Hippies have MLNW and TOTIDO.
  9. Housing.  What hippies call “earth ships” preppers call “bomb shelters.”  The only difference is that earth ships don’t usually have gun slits.
  10. Vehicles.  Hippies have their Volkswagen Buses, Mystery Machines, psychedelically painted cars, and drivable art projects for Burning Man.  Preppers have their tricked out bug-out vehicles, Hummers, Jeeps, and military surplus rides.  The only difference is — you guessed it — hippie vehicles don’t usually have gun slits.

A Quote from David Lakota

David Lakota, Shaman Jedi Instructor, Captain of New Earth Army

So I was watching Doomsday Preppers the other day and there was a segment on David Lakota, an amazing guy with serious skills.

Although I can’t get behind everything he said on the show (like trusting only his relationship with the Creator when determining the edibility of wild plants or the safety of potable water) and some of the stuff on his blog seems way, way out there (like his New Earth Army Shaman and Jedi training program) he’s clearly a courageous fellow who’s not shy about his beliefs.  Just check out some of the far flung subjects he’s written about — bootcamp training, survivalism, shamanism, several expedition logs, and the list goes on!

But what I really liked was the quote he closed his segment with:

“The beaten path is for the beaten man.  In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Anybody who can barefoot climb one of the highest peaks in the Hawaiian islands, look straight into the camera, and speak words like that is okay in my book.  Keep doing your thing David.