NEW: Animal-based Fitness Exercises

imageAnimals have a long and well-documented history of inspiring martial artists — the legendary styles of China, the six animals of Kuk Sool Won, and so forth — and they are still inspiring the martial artists of today.

Starting this week, I’ll be blending 16 new animal-based exercises into the Cabal Fang WOD fitness batter.

Don’t know the exercises? Check out this video by BJJ expert Jason Scully.

UPDATE (2/11/16): Looks like Jason has made his video private, which stinks because it’s a great video!  I’m going to leave the link intact (see bottom) in case he makes it public.  In the meantime, please accept this brief outline of how to do the animal exercises I reference on this blog.  ~Mitch

  1. Alligator Walks. Emulate the alternating flexion of a ‘gator.  Keeping torso as close to the floor as possible, bring foot forward and place as close as possible to palm of same side while opposite hand advances.
  2. Alligator Push-ups. Do Push-ups with the sole of one foot really close to the palm of the same side hand.
  3. Bear Walks.  Go forward on palms and soles of feet with butt high in the air.
  4. Crab Walks. Walk on palms and soles of feet with belly up and head held high.
  5. Duck Walks. Squat on balls of feet. Walk forward with knees bent and butt close to floor without the aid of hands.
  6. Frog Hops.  Squat on balls of feet, knees splayed, palms on floor.  Hop forward ballistically.
  7. Inchworms. Start on floor in Superman position.  Palms stationary, slowly walk feet forward into “A” position and finally to full jackknife with butt in the air.  Feet stationary, walk hands out to Superman position.  Repeat
  8. Gorilla Walks.  Bear Walk on fists with butt close to the floor.
  9. Kangaroo Hops.  Squat on balls of feet.  Hop forward without using hands. 
  10. Leopard Crawl. Bear Walk with groin almost touching the floor
  11. Monkey Roll. Squat on balls of feet, knees splayed, hands on floor.  Hop up with all four limbs.  Immediately on landing, flex all four limbs, collapse, and barrel roll to right.  Repeat back and forth.
  12. Monkey Run. Squat on balls of feet, knees splayed, palms on floor.  Gallop forward on all fours, body canted on a 45, keeping butt close to floor.
  13. Mule Kicks. On all fours with butt high in the air, flex knees and kick backward with both feet at the same time.
  14. Octopus Walk. Start on knees with torso upright and hands behind head.  Pick up right knee and put sole of foot on floor in front of you.  Collapse forward onto right knee as you drag left leg forward and place it ahead.  C0llapse forward on left knee and repeat.
  15. Rabbit Hops. Like a Frog Hop except knees stay as close together as possible.
  16. Scorpions. Start in Bear Walk position.  Raise one leg with knee bent and shoot sole of foot toward back of head.  Repeat, alternating sides.
  17. Shrimps.  Start on back with knees bent and soles of both feet on floor.  Lift one foot and push off with the other as you bend at the waist and shoot backward.  Put foot back on floor and Shrimp with other leg.
  18. Seal Walks.  Assume Push-up position and drop groin all the way to the floor.  Point toes backward.  With legs totally “dead,” walk foward on hands only.
  19. Snake Slithers.  Lay on belly with arms at sides and feet together.  Move forward with a semi-rocking motion, using only shoulders, belly, and hips.
  20. Tiger Walks. Bear Walk with butt closer to the floor, but not as low as Alligator or Leopard.
  21. Tiger Push-ups.  Push-up from Tiger position above.

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