Your WOD and Etymology for Flag Wavers


Which way is up?

Today’s Cabal Fang WOD is as follows:

Medicine Ball Tabata: 24 x :20/:10, cycling through Squats (bounce ball off wall as you go down), Sit-ups (bounce off wall at top of each), and Push-ups (both hands on ball). Bike: 24 x :20/:10. Ride AFAYC for :20 and rest for :10, staying in the top 3 gears for the duration.

Now for some word talk.

Etymology is the study of words and word origins and should not be confused with Entomology, which is the study of insects and bugs. What’s “bugging” me is how some people are unwilling to let go of some words and symbols as definitions grow and evolve.

Imagine you met someone who still wanted to use the word “faggot” for a small stick, like we used to in Shakespeare’s time. This person would be misunderstood around the campfire, and depending on who was in attendance, hilarity might not ensue. He or she would quickly learn to employ another word in the common usage (like say “twig”) or else risk being perpetually misunderstood. Likewise with “motor carriage” and “talkie.” How many times would this person have to hear, “Dude, they’re called cars and movies!” before learning the modern words?

I love movies, and I call them movies so that people will know what I’m talking about. I love and am proud of what’s great about the culture of the Southern United States — the food (collard greens!), the hospitality, the architecture, the charm, the flora and fauna, and most of all the people — but I wouldn’t dream of waving a Confederate flag around because in the common usage it means treason, slavery and bigotry. I don’t want to be misunderstood.

I have a few friends who I’m pretty sure aren’t bigots, or even closet bigots, who just can’t let the old symbols, words, and phrases go. I hate to see them being misunderstood.

I really hope that’s what’s going on. But when folks just keep rationalizing the old symbolic language, even in the face of changing definitions and the evolution of societal norms, it makes you wonder if they really are being misunderstood at all.

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