Candidate Net Worth Data and Your WOD

A flaming black hourglass. The hourglass symbol is an important one in Cabal Fang. Dig it.

Before your Cabal Fang WOD, some data for your consideration.

Estimated Net Worth of US Presidential Hopefuls:

  1. Trump $3,500,000,000.00
  2. Fiorina $59,000,000.00
  3. Bush $21,000,000.00
  4. Kasich $15,500,000.00
  5. Clinton $15,300,000.00
  6. Huckabee $15,000,000.00
  7. Carson $13,500,000.00
  8. Cruz $3,000,000.00
  9. Paul $1,300,000.00
  10. Rubio $443,509.00
  11. Sanders $330,507.00

Those in BOLD are still, theoretically at least, in the race.  Front-runners in BOLD RED.  Compiled from a variety of sources.  What this data means, well, that’s for you to decide.

Now for your three-part Cabal Fang WOD (this should take you about 40 minutes if you maintain focus):

  1. Dumbbells: 6 x 8 of Kung Fu Curls, Bent Rows, Rear Lunges
  2. Ground-fighting Conditioner #4 (details here)
  3. Heavy Bag Strike Count Drill (details here): Complete this twice — once with punches only and then again with kicks only.

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