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I Broke into the Top 10?


The Cabal Fang Martial Arts Manual at #4 in Martial Arts, top downloads

As I mentioned the other day, my eBook sales are up markedly.  So I decided to go and see if I made the Top 100 anywhere.

Obviously it’s my martial arts books that are most popular — and I’m very proud and excited about that — but I’m a little bummed about my how my fiction is performing.  Do I suck at fiction?  Or is it just that I’m a smaller fish in a larger pond when it comes to the fiction market?

Hopefully The 14th Mansion will break out and change all that.  Fingers crossed.  Release day is tomorrow, and the anticipation is killing me…

First Two eBooks Now Available

My first two novels are now available for download on Smashwords.com.  No word yet if they’ve been accepted into the premium catalogs at Sony, Barnes & Noble, etc.  More to come!

Chatters on the Tide (free)

Ghilan ($4.99)


“Chatters” up on the lift so I can check the undercarriage

Today I took down Chatters on the Tide, my slip-stream novel from 2009.  It’s going into the shop for a quick overhaul, and will be re-released when Ghilan gets released soon.  The plan is for both books to be available through Smashwords next month, but that depends on what my trusted editors have to say when they’re finished pouring over the manuscript, and how long they take to finish their reviews.

Once I get their feedback, I will need to spend some time making any necessary changes, preparing the files of both novels, etc.  The goal is 8/15/12, but I set that in February, and novels just aren’t as easy to write as they seem at first glance (no matter how much outlining you do).