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I Broke into the Top 10?


The Cabal Fang Martial Arts Manual at #4 in Martial Arts, top downloads

As I mentioned the other day, my eBook sales are up markedly.  So I decided to go and see if I made the Top 100 anywhere.

Obviously it’s my martial arts books that are most popular — and I’m very proud and excited about that — but I’m a little bummed about my how my fiction is performing.  Do I suck at fiction?  Or is it just that I’m a smaller fish in a larger pond when it comes to the fiction market?

Hopefully The 14th Mansion will break out and change all that.  Fingers crossed.  Release day is tomorrow, and the anticipation is killing me…

Two Ways to Get Free Stuff

Ghilan Cover final sizeWant some free stuff?  I have two promotions currently running:

#1 : If you’re one of the many people who’ve read Ghilan, you can still win the signed working draft of the novel by answering this question:

What is Sellie’s father’s name?

Answer in the comments below.  I’ll get in touch to arrange shipping.

Wisdom of the Raven: The Mystic Way of Cabal Fang


#2: And this offer is still running also — write a review of any of my four books and get free stuff!  Write a review (preferably on Smashwords.com, but I’m not picky) and post a link in the comments here.  I’ll send you a grab-bag full of zines, books, and other free stuff written and produced by yours truly.

First Review of Ghilan Isn’t Awful

Amy Brantley over at A Girl and Her Kindle just read Ghilan and didn’t hate it.

That’s a relief!


Ghilan: Free for 24 Hours

My novel Ghilan is now available in the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Store.  I’m so excited that I’m giving it away free for the next 24 hours at Smashwords.com.  Use discount code QY42F.

As mentioned in a previous post, the first person who reads Ghilan and can answer the trivia question “What is Sellie’s father’s first name?” will win the original hard copy working draft of the book.

Happy reading!

My Books – Now on Diesel eBooks and Inktera

Thanks to Smashwords’ amazing distribution channels, my books are showing up all over the place.

Diesel eBooks

Still not in the Nook store or the Apple store, but I’m told they’ll be in both of those soon.

Ghilani: a ‘Conlang’ for Ghouls

For my most recent novel Ghilan I developed a constructed language (‘conlang’) known as Ghilani.  I did this for several reasons — not the least of which is that conlangs are fun, and I always wanted to try it.  But mainly I created it to give dimension to the creatures know as ghilani (singular ‘ghul’).

Simply put, Ghilani is the language of ghouls.

For reasons that are an important part of the plot, Ghilani is a pidgin.  It is most heavily influenced by Arabic (Classic and Andalusian), Coptic, and Ancient Egyptian, although you will find elements of other tongues.  The novel contains an abbreviated grammar and lexicon included as an appendix.

The complete lexicon of over 600 words remains unpublished, but if there is enough interest on the part of ‘conlangers’ I’d be happy to put it up somewhere.  Just comment here and I’d be happy to oblige.  Bear in mind though, I’m not a professional linguist.

Just to give you a feel for the language, here are a few Ghilani colloquialisms:

suksumut labkin biber matar talabi – “On which pathway did your mother eat your placenta?” The equivalent in English to “Where are you from?”

khobah parlar – Lit. “Speech entombs.” Said as one might say, “Don’t speak; let us sit quietly and enjoy the moment.”

musgartalati – Lit. “I mind three.” or “I’m sorry, I’m very distracted.”

astamur hsskurhinar sultan – “The monarch proudly leaves the marrow.” This proverb expresses the general disdain ghilan have for the wastes and excesses of rulers of all kinds. The marrow, though hard to get at, is the most nourishing part of prey.

urztil sakhir somnox – “Night-sleepers ridicule the anus.” For scavengers, the anus provides easy access to the internal organs of any prey animal, regardless of the relative toughness of its hide. An accusation of cowardice when spoken from one ghul to another, or a general comment to on the squeamishness of humans.

haimet metaparuk jinar – “Rightness trumps blood.” A very thought provoking proverb from the poem ‘Murr Sharbatas.’

ahkaos shsh’sunus merwat – “Love cuddling, sings of chaos.”

nitsultan khotn onusas – “Blame the clothing, not the chieftain.”  Expresses the folly of those who blame the individual rather than the uniform, the traditions if you will, that dictate a chieftain’s actions.

nityakar nitrever – “No liver, no dream.”

Win the Working Draft of Ghilan

I’m giving away the hard-copy working draft of my novel Ghilan to the first loyal reader who can correctly answer to this question:

In my novel Ghilan, what is Sellie’s father’s full name?

If you know the answer, post it here.  I’ll get in touch to mail it to you.