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Zines for Sale!

spvol3The revamp of PTDICE.COM is finally done, and all of the new ‘zines are up for sale.  Now you don’t have to wait for RVA Zinefest to get copies of the Secret Pyramid Series:

Alive! 50 Ways to Avoid Danger and Defend Yourself
Secret Pyramid Series, Vol. 1.

Everybody should know that you can’t learn physical self-defense skills — actual fighting skills — by reading a book.  But everybody should also know that self-defense is 90% prevention, and that’s where this booklet really shines.  Learn specific skills, drills, and prevention strategies, including defense against dogs, how to navigate hostile crowds, and much more!  16 pages, 3,200 words.

Shake it Up! 50 Ways to Break Routines, Shake Things Up, and Foster Creativity
Secret Pyramid Series, Vol. 2:

Stagnation is everybody’s enemy, doesn’t matter if you are an artist, entrepreneur, anarchist, manual laborer, or cubicle monkey.  This little booklet, though short, gives you tons of bang for your buck — break the spine of stagnation and climb out of your rut!  10 pages, 2,000 words.

Lead! How to Motivate, Inspire, and Manage Groups
Secret Pyramid Series, Vol. 3

I’ve been managing, leading, and organizing groups for 30 years, and I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned — everything that really works! — into this little booklet.  Of all the non-fiction pieces I’ve written, this one is the best value for the price.  If you’re not a better leader by reading this booklet I’ll eat my hat (and not one of my tasty wool ones, one of my polyester trucker hats).  32 pages, 7,500 words.

CUT! How to Lose Weight and Get the Muscle Definition You Always Wanted
Secret Pyramid Series Vol. 4

Don’t let the kitschy cover fool you — this is a real program with proven results.  Take it from a guy who used to be 80 pounds overweight: you really can get the weight off, and sport the muscle definition you always wanted, without expensive gym memberships, pricey equipment, mail order food, or insane workouts!

Shameless Panhandler

If you like what you read here on this blog, you should maybe look at some of the books and other stuff that I sell.  Seems to me that you might like them.  Plus, my merch isn’t expensive, and the quality is good too.

  • You can check out my eBooks at Smashwords or Barnes & Noble.  I’ve got fiction and non-fiction.  The 14th Mansion is my best novel yet.  Kinda proud of it.
  • If you dig martial arts and you like actual paper books, dodge over here and get a Cabal Fang Bundle for just $6.99.
  • I have t-shirts for sale, featuring artwork by yours truly.
  • And for workout nuts, I sell PTDICE — the coolest ever tool for creating random workouts.

Also, I’m a nice guy.  So it’s okay to give me your money in exchange for my fine wares.

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How to use PTDICE to create HICT and HIIT Workouts

How to use PTDICE to create HICT and HIIT Workouts:  http://ow.ly/warBb

New Calisthenics Video is Up

How do you put a million random workouts in the palm of your hand?  You buy these little beauties from PTDICE.com.

PTDICE(c) Set #1: Calisthenics

If you are a regular follower of this blog you probably already know that I designed and marketed PTDICE (c) a couple of weeks ago.  If you want a tool that allows you to create a random calisthenics workout with a roll of the dice, go get yourself a set.

And, for a quick rundown of the calisthenics featured on the dice and how to do those exercises, view the video below.

Training for the Unexpected

How do you put a million random workouts in the palm of your hand?  You buy these little beauties from PTDICE.com.

How do you put a million random workouts in the palm of your hand? You buy these little beauties from PTDICE.com. These are high quality, laser etched, 16mm plastic dice made in the U.S.A.

Are you a martial artist looking to train for the unexpected?

An adventure racer, mud runner, or obstacle course enthusiast who wants to be ready for whatever a course throws your way?

A fitness or martial arts instructor who is out of ideas for calisthenics routines, or just wants an extra resource?

Or maybe you work out at home and you’re looking for some variety?

If so, check out these beauties.

Roll the black dice to arrive at the workout type, number of exercises, and number of sets.  Use the colored dice to arrive at your list of exercises.  Then make a quick calculation using your SSM (“Single Set Max”) to figure your reps per set, and you’re ready to sweat.  The instructions are short and sweet and easily committed to memory.  Use these dice a few times and you won’t even need the instructions.

Roll.  Sweat.  Repeat.

In time you’ll find other ways to use them.  They are ripe for experimentation, a virtual playground for geeks who love exercise (like me).

Tires for Fitness eBooklet Now Available

Check out our first product at PTDICE.com

Check out our first product at PTDICE.com

Our first product is now available for sale at PTDICE.com.  Check it out.

Written by yours truly and starring my son Robert, it’s an eBooklet (18 pages fully illustrated with color photos)  called “Tires: Auto Tires for Solo and Group Fitness.”

We’ve spent years playing with auto tires at my martial arts club.  Wouldn’t you like to see which exercises are the best, how to find and select tires, how to clean them, and how to use them?


PTDICE Artwork Samples and More

dicesampleCheck out this post over at the PTDICE website, and sign up to be notified when products are in stock.  These things are really cool.

The Basic Set will include nine dice — two dice to determine the workout type and seven dice that contain forty-two different calisthenics.  If you want to train to expect the unexpected, or if you just want to experience holding over a million random workouts in the palm of your hand, you’re going to want a set of these.