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Drawing Instead of Rolling and WOOTW #73

A few weeks ago I promised to explain the new element I added to my workout system — the little wooden paint stirrers you see on the right.

The basic idea is that the workout regimens of martial artists, who need to be ready for anything, should include an element of randomness.

I used to introduce randomness by rolling dice of various kinds, and I still do use them for inspiration.  But the problem with dice is that they’re a little too random.

Let’s say you workout six days a week and every day you roll a six-sided dice to determine your workout.   Your chance of rolling a 6 once/week = 6 x 1/6 or 100%.  That’s what’s called “odds on.”  But what happens is that you’ll roll 6 twice in one week with surprising regularity, and you’ll skip a week rather often too.   Every dice roll is completely independent of the last.

But if you write numbers on six paint stirrers and pull one out of cup each day — and you don’t put it back the cup is empty — you know you will get a 6 once per week.  And only once.  That’s why I went with the new method.

Now I have 12 sticks in a cup, each one with a different focus written on it.  Depending on how much time I have on a given day, I pull a stick or two from the cup and get to work.  And since I leave sticks out until the cup is empty, I get the randomness  I need while making it impossible to go more than six to twelve days without working on each one of the twelve items.

Why not try making your own?

And now for the workout of the week.

Cabal Fang Martial Arts Workout of the Week #73

  • One-Armed Bandit.  Defend against an imaginary bandit using just one hand!  Set a timer for 2 rounds of 5:00/1:00.  Tie a rope around your waist or put on a karate belt and tuck your left wrist under it — or just grab your belt with your left hand.  Go at your heavy bag with self-defense level aggression using just your right hand until the timer beeps.  Switch hands for the second round.  Don’t forget to modify your shell and use defensive maneuvers like bobs, slips, pops and rolls between groups of shots.  “But I don’t have a heavy bag,” you say?  Make one or shadowbox — no excuses.
  • Describe your moral compass.  Get out your training log or journal and describe in 100 words or less your moral compass.  What is “north” — your primary orientation and the positive morality you are heading toward?  What lies to the “south” — the thing you’re heading away from?  What are the secondary and tertiary moral issues to the “east” and “west?” 
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Training for the Unexpected

How do you put a million random workouts in the palm of your hand?  You buy these little beauties from PTDICE.com.

How do you put a million random workouts in the palm of your hand? You buy these little beauties from PTDICE.com. These are high quality, laser etched, 16mm plastic dice made in the U.S.A.

Are you a martial artist looking to train for the unexpected?

An adventure racer, mud runner, or obstacle course enthusiast who wants to be ready for whatever a course throws your way?

A fitness or martial arts instructor who is out of ideas for calisthenics routines, or just wants an extra resource?

Or maybe you work out at home and you’re looking for some variety?

If so, check out these beauties.

Roll the black dice to arrive at the workout type, number of exercises, and number of sets.  Use the colored dice to arrive at your list of exercises.  Then make a quick calculation using your SSM (“Single Set Max”) to figure your reps per set, and you’re ready to sweat.  The instructions are short and sweet and easily committed to memory.  Use these dice a few times and you won’t even need the instructions.

Roll.  Sweat.  Repeat.

In time you’ll find other ways to use them.  They are ripe for experimentation, a virtual playground for geeks who love exercise (like me).