Calisthenics Codex Hall of Fame

hofIf you you’ve successfully completed any of the workouts from my eBook The Calisthenics Codex hats off to you!  Here’s how you can get your name in the Calisthenics Codex Hall of Fame:

Point me to a photo or video of you doing one of the workouts.  You can direct message me on Twitter (@12thkey), post it on my Facebook page, post in the comments below, gmail me at “12thkey”, etc.  I’ll pick it up, enter your name or handle, and link to it here.

The way I see it, you’ve worked your buns off.  You deserve some kudos!

12/1/20: The workout known as Very Bad Karma from the Calisthenics Codex was a part of Mettlecraft Month 2020.  The challenge was 12 Minutes of Very Bad Karma plus as many kicks as you can in 8 minutes.  The high scores were:

James Williams — 228 + 398 = 626
Jack Bloor — 278 + 266 = 544 
Mitch Mitchell — 176 + 365 = 541
Morgan Mitchell — 189 + 295 = 484

Click here to read all about it!

12/11/2019: This year the Cabal Fang club took a run at the 100 Bodybuilder Challenge!  Here are the final scores — for details go here and here.

Mark Hatmaker 10:45 (not a member of the club but he took the challenge anyway and demolished it).
Jack Bloor 12:14
Robert Mitchell 12:47
Mitch Mitchell 13:15
Morgan Mitchell 15:59

11/29/18: Many local and remote students of Cabal Fang continued the Self-Destruct Sequence challenge for Mettlecraft month.  Despite being under the weather, Scott soldiered through and put in a respectable time of 32:25 in just his second attempt.  Robert and I both set personal records —  Robert finished at  24:38 and I came in seven seconds later at 24:45.  We both shaved over 5 minutes off our times!  And remote student Arman set a new Cabal Fang record of 21:15 — just 10 seconds behind Hatmaker!  Also making an assault on the summit was remote student James who came in at 22:55 — third best time on record!   Good work everybody!

Facebook exchange with Mark Hatmaker. He’s the man.

11/18/18: Yesterday coach Mark Hatmaker picked up the gauntlet and took a stab at Self-Destruct Sequence — and let’s just say that his stab was straight through its heart.  But apparently it wasn’t easy to slay this monster in a super-human 21:05.   He said in another message, “Gauntlet accepted–video proof to come…in the video you’ll see me stop and stare skyward–about 2 dozen Cooper’s Hawks congregated over me, apparently foreseeing my demise and easy pickins’,. You have a dark heart. A blast!”  If he posts the video, I’ll insert it here!  I am humbled.  Coach Hatmaker is a legend, and its and honor to have him engage with us.  His monthly RAW program is the tops.  Check it out here.

Here’s a snapshot from Arman’s journal.

11/17/18:  Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Wait a minute, you don’t get a chicken dinner and there is no “winner” — unless of course you feel like everybody who tries to do something that’s difficult is a winner, which I do, by the way.  So…what was I saying?  Oh yeah — I just got an email from Cabal Fang Hermit Path Distance Learning Program enrollee Arman.  On 11/4/18 he completed Self-Destruct Sequence in a scorching 23:59.  Way to go Arman!  Back to the drawing board for the rest of us!

Well done James!

Leo and me after 100 Get-ups. Why are we smiling?

Thur. 11/15/18.  Leo and I finished 100 Get-ups.  My time was 8:25 — a new record time for me! — and his was 12:02 on a first attempt.  Way to go Leo, you nailed it!  Also on the 15th, Hermit Path Distance Learning student James cut a blue streak at Self-Destruct Sequence, finishing in 29:21!

Tues. 11/13/18.  My son Robert and I made an assault on the 100 Bodybuilder Challenge.  I got it done in 16:16, he finished just before me (as always!) in 15:55.  I smashed my previous record of 18:03 and Robert broke his previous record by almost a minute.  Picture of me at left is from this morning, slathered with Bengay, showing off the timer which I left untouched from the previous night.  Note that it’s set for 1 min intervals.  We beat it by doing them 6 reps OTM and then blitzing at the end.

Sun.11/11/18. Another winner — also from Cabal Fang Martial Arts and a staunch supporter on Patreon, bless him — takes the Self-Destruct Sequence challenge. Scott modified, adapted, and overcame, coming out with a great time of 31:50! Way to go Scott — this is an impressive time for a first attempt!

This ain’t Gilbert Gottfried it’s my son Robert after destroying my record at self-Destruct Sequence in just 29:02






Tue. 11/6/18.  My son (left) who apparently delights in breaking my personal records, decided to take another run at Self-Destruct Sequence.  And yes, he utterly destroyed it by more than a minute with a time of 29:02.

Leo’s text corroborating his accomplishment — well done sir!


Mon. 11/5/18:  On Monday  Cabal Fang Hermit Path graduate James took up the Self-Destruct Sequence challenge (see comments on this post).  I wonder how fast he can crank it out?  Speaking of Monday, on Mon. 11/5 my friend Leo knocked out Self-Destruct Sequence in a a blistering first attempt of 32:24.  Well done Leo!


Thur. 11/1/18. Lots of activity surrounding Self-Destruct Sequence — this month my martial arts club is taking a stab and getting it done in under 40 minutes.  My son and I got it done in 30:58 — see picture at left — almost beating my personal record of 30:20 from back in 2016.   I can’t wait to see how it goes with everyone.

7/12/15. Here’s a video of routine from the Calisthenics Codex called “Very Bad Karma.”














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